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The Realm of Dark and Light, Book One, The Source of Darkness

The Realm of Dark and Light, Book Two, Escape From Caldon Island  


The Realm of Dark and Light, Book Three, The Heart of Darkness


The Black Fairy and Other Fantasy Stories

An ancient evil searches for the Source of Darkness, an elusive magic lost somewhere in the land. The mystery of its origin deepens as the elves, dwarves and nomadic Herkahs piece the clues together only to realize that the power is far more complex than originally thought. The truth, when finally revealed, leaves them thunderstruck.
Action, adventure, mystery and romance fill the pages of this award-nominated novel.
The Realm of Light and Dark was a finalist for the 2007 Allbooks Reviewers Choice Award.
The Realm of Dark and Light, Book Two, Escape From Caldon Island

The tremendous volume of magic wielded in front of Bystyn two years ago did not go unnoticed by some on Caldon Island. Intent on obtaining this power, the necromancer Suh weaves a spell to bring it to his domain. What he retrieves, however, is not what he expected. Ramira and Vox/Allad are transported to this land where their powers become dormant and, perhaps, are gone forever. Undaunted, Suh searches for his elusive prey as the desperately seek a way back to Bystyn.
Following a trail left by the magic, Danyl, Seven and the Herkah Takan embark upon a dangerous journey to rescue Ramira and Allad. Their path crosses with pirates and other travelers who aid in their quest. But everything has a price, and the three friends must overcome many dangers if they are to be successful.
Meanwhile, a shrewd wraith also inhabiting this territory follows a different course, one that leads to an ultimate confrontation leagues away from Caldon Island. Vengeance, greed, and lust complicate the series of events set into motion by the necromancers actions
A little more than a year has passed since the Black Queen defeated the wraith Zulant within Doth-Khan. The battle destroyed the demon lair and forced the Brethren beyond the great mountain range in the north. The trek back is arduous and filled with danger, yet the demons’ single-minded determination to return to the land and seek revenge on Ramira drives them on.
Reevaluating his plans to obtain the Green Might, Suh finalizes his strategies on Caldon Island. Returning to the mainland, he brings with him the ingredients for a powerful spell, one that could unleash devastating results. In the meantime, Jules is formulating her own plans to seek revenge on Wil and to wrest the power away from Suh. The sequence of events is on a collision course between the demons and the mortals.

These five dark tales of Karma punishing the greedy, heartless, self-absorbed, and conscienceless individuals are not for the faint of heart.
One hysterical story of the lengths the Devil will go to keep two brothers out of Hell where he's afraid they'll take over!