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Plans for 2017:

1) Finish book three in the 'Realm' series (almost there!)
2) New Bedford Bookfest (March)
3) Fairhaven Homecoming (June)
4) Apple-Peach Festival (September)
5) Durfee Christmas Festival (December)
           Onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca.

            Bourbon Street in New Orleans

         Sunrise over the New Bedford    harbor.

Under the surface of evil, good may exist, and beneath good, evil can lurk! Lust transforms to love, disdain to adoration. Escape from Caldon Island is a gripping, complex tale with unexpected life-lessons to absorb and remember. Bravo Patricia Perry, for ingenious character development and a plot packed with unimaginable twists and turns!

Tom Cirignano, author of The Constant Outsider and 67 Cents: Creation of a South Boston Killer.

"Patricia Perry has done it again! With each new book, her writing gets even better. Ms. Perry creates such vivid worlds that you feel like you've literally been transported. Add strong characters and pristine dialogue, and you have a real page-turning tale. And that's exactly what The Realm of Dark and Light Book Two: Escape from Caldon Island is--a story that will keep you up late into the night. Highly recommended!"

Steven Manchester, #1 bestselling author

As always, Patricia Perry’s characters and the lives they lead are multi-layered, as are the landscapes, island, towns and cities she creates. I highly recommend The Realm of Dark and Light (Book Two) Escape from Caldon Island and look forward to the next installment.

Brian R Hill – Author

Reviews for The Black Fairy and Other Fantasy Stories

An excellent collection of short stories by Patricia Perry, one that will keep you entertained in a world of magic, human frailty, greed and kindness. Populated with well-drawn characters, some good, some bad and others to make you laugh, the tales take place in settings brought vividly to life by the pen of Patricia Perry. Highly recommended.

Brian R Hill – Author

Count yourself fortunate because the drawbridge is still down over the moat and the gate to Imaginative Whimsy welcomes you into the technicolor visions of Pat Perry, who blesses us by sharing her dreams.  From the first creative fantasy to the last, you will encounter memorable characters and events you will not easily forget.  ‘THE BLACK FAIRY and OTHER FANTASY STORIES’ from the Duchess through Lord Blackledge, Valerie, Simon, Keela and Old Gooseberry, all will become a legacy for your nearest and dearest to share and treasure.  This collection of six diamond-quality stories is most definitely a "keeper."

Jerine Watson

"Patricia Perry's ‘The Black Fairy’ is a wonderful collection of short stories that has something for every reader's taste. Her characters are relatable, the dialogue is real and her scene settings are vividly descriptive. ‘The Black Fairy’ will keep you up late into the night and you'll be glad to have lost the sleep." –

Steven Manchester, #1 bestselling author, The Rockin' Chair

AWB 2017.
(From left to right: Arlene Kay, Me, and Alberta Sequiera after being interviewed on 'Books and the World' in Dennisport, Ma.
With author Jackie Leduc
Someone with a great imagination and sense of humor!
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